Sunday, April 15, 2007

How can you help?

There is lots to be done and not nearly enough to do it all!
you can contact us at to volunteer to:

1. get directly involved, contact us 0862361882

2. spread the word, distribute flyers and pamhlets

3. we need commitement from entertainers for the march

4. we need a van driver with B licence for May 6th

5. we need sympathetic/empathetic solicitors/law students

6. we need you, everyone can help in some way!!


lyndsey said...

hey i have been known for my photography skills if you need help...

Rory said...

I would just like to suggest that no one smokes during the protest.

We need to appeal to people who don't smoke & never intend to - if they see us protesting while we visibly break the law they just won't take anything we have to say seriously.

CRS said...

I completely agree with Rory.

In addition people, not smoking at the protest would aid the deconstruction of the negative and false association with marijuana users and criminality.

maddonkey said...

I also agree with Rory. We have the chance to show that we follow the law and that it would be used by choice, for recreational purpose and sensibly when legalised.