Thursday, April 12, 2007

Answer to "It's never gonna happen"

Ya know what really Grinds My Gears???

Aahhhhhhhh!!! Ya know I can understand people who don't smoke cannabis bein all anti cannabis, they are dillusional and mis-informed, but ya know what really "grinds my gears" , people who do toke and are so negative about positive action, AAAAAAAAAAAHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHHH!!!!!

(Sorry gonna have a rant here, I'm dead serious, but only playin too, so no offence)

Ok, so any one with half a brain can figure out that legalisation is not likely to happen tommorrow, but people who say "it's never going to happen" desrve to have hot coffee poured up there nose to wake them up to the realities of the world!!(this is not meant to be taken literally, we do not advocate or promote the pouring of hot coffee up peoples noses, please don't try this at home no matter how annoyingly ignorant people are)!

The World is an ever changing place, if you had told a lot of people in the early 80's in Ireland that it would one day be legal to be gay, do you think they would believe you? Those people got a big shock in the early 90's. Now travel back again to the 80's and try convincing someone, not only would it be legal, but there would be same sex marriages someday, goodluck with that!!! That's how I feel now, trying to convince people that legalisation of cannabis is a serious, realistic, long term goal!!! But you can be damn sure being gay and same sex marriages did not come about from gay people sitting round saying "it's never gonna happen"!!!

Ok, sorry, had to get that out of my system, but putting that aside for a minute, it may be easier for you to be convinced of some of our short term goals:

-we hope to give a voice to people who use cannabis and feel it is there right to use cannabis, as they are harming no one,

-we aim to help educate cannabis users and potential cannabis users, to encourage them to use it only responsibily and be aware of the risks involved,

-we aim to bring about change in the attitude toward cannabis and remove the bad stigma which has been attatched to it, by decades of lies and deceit

-we aim to create a cannabis community similiar to that in the UK which allows people to band together to face up to unjust laws and unscrupulous drug dealers

-we aim to work bit by bit for as long as it takes to improve the overall situation for cannabis users and we believe we have already begun to succeed in this goal!

We do not expect this to be an easy or a short road, but we intend to stay with it to the end!!!!

Ha, thanks for inspiring me, that'll come in handy for a minifesto or sumit?

See ya MAY 6TH!!!!


S M O K I E M C!

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