Monday, April 9, 2007

Prohibition Quite Simply Does Not Work!

The aim of policy& law on cannabis should be to reduce/limit social& health risks/problems for everyone on an equal basis.
Prohibition has never& will never remove cannabis from availability, therefore, unless the aim of prohibition is to protect a very small minority of grown adults, from the possibility of making a potentially bad decision, prohibition can not be considered a success.

Prohibition puts cannabis in the hands of criminals, more often than not, with low or no principals.
This in turn leads to
-gangland crime& murder
-no control over cannabis
-no age limit, making cannabis readily available to many children
-no quality control, leading to contaminated substance& added health risks
-no price control, leading to ridiculously inflated prices
-no tax benefits

Prohibition prevents the very important use of cannabis for medicinal purposes
-can be used to treat appetite loss (ex. from aids or cancer treatment)
-can be used to treat nausea
-is reported to help glaucoma patients by reducing ocular pressure, which can damage the eye
-it is claimed to be one of the best& sometimes the only reliever of pain (ex. MS sufferers)

Prohibition creates more social problems
-has the potential to destroy lives, by limiting travel& career prospects
-makes criminals of otherwise law abiding citizens
-forces decent people to associate with 'real' criminals
-creates stigma& makes it difficult for people to access usefull, important information

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