Tuesday, April 10, 2007

Many Uses of Hemp

Once upon a time Hemp was the most important crop that man used, providing, food, fuel, clothes and shelter.

Paper: Hemp paper lasts hundreds of years longer than tree paper, is more durable, requires no chlorides or bleaches like tree-pulp paper, which poisons our rivers and seas and doesn’t turn yellow and crack like tree paper. Saving our forests means more oxygen and a cleaner atmosphere.

Fuel: Hemp can produce electricity from sulphur-free coal for industry, heat for homes and ethanol/methanol fuel for cars with competitive fuel-to-feed ratios. If grown as an energy crop, hemp would reduce global warming by lowering carbon levels in the atmosphere.

Food: Hemp is the most complete food source on earth. It is the only food with all 8 essential amino acids, and all 4 essential fatty acids in perfect balance for consumption, it can also supply fibre, carbohydrates and a significant portion of your minerals and vitamins

Cloth: Hemp fibre is the longest, strongest, most durable, most elastic and most absorbent natural fibre. Compared to cotton, which uses 25% of the worlds crop chemicals, hemp is stronger, more durable, won’t mildew, shrinks less, is U.V protectant and uses less water.

Oil: Hemp requires no herbicide, pesticides, fungicides or fertilizer to flourish. Hemp oil can be made into any oil based product, including paint that lasts longer and sealant that is better absorbed by wood. These products are not toxic when discarded.

Homes: Hemp hurd foundation walls, which require no insulation, petrify becoming hard as stone, yet retain elasticity and breath ability. These fire, water, and rodent proof homes will bend, but not break, even under tornado winds. Hemp boards are three times stronger than wood.

These are just six of the many thousands of uses this diverse plant has.
Prohibition of marijuana has given the hemp plant a dirty name lets try to change this!

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