Monday, April 16, 2007

What are we doing?

1. We are organising an anti cannabis prohibition protest march, on Sunday May 6th, starting at 2pm at Parnell Square, to try and bring life to the cannabis issue and gain support from people who believe cannabis prohibition is wrong.

2. We are distributing an information pamphlet that highlights the reasons we believe cannabis should be legal and informs people about basic cannabis facts, that have been hidden and marred by false propaganda.

3. We are collecting signatures on a petition outlining the reasons we believe cannabis should be legal.

4. We are meeting once a week to ensure the upcoming march runs as smoothly and successfully as possible and to discuss future campaigns and events to ensure we use the energy which will be created by the march.

5. We are bringing life to an issue, we feel has been left unfixed for far too long, with more and more people joining up to support everyday.


Philly Sno said...

howdy brothers/sisters in join. Very glad to promote this good necessary valid crucial change ... and i'll gladly release my (great song) ganjigum to coincide with the occasion. Sincerely/lovingly ... philly gerry hayden,

JC Skinner said...

Good luck!

Rory said...

where are the weekly meetings being held & is everyone invited?

Timmy said...

only one meeting left, anyone willing to help is welcome, will probily be monthly meetings for a while after the March until next event?
e-mail or ring or text 0862361882

Leonardo said...

I`m not from Ireland, and I heard about that in Ireland there is some kind of a tabaco mixed with marijuana... is that true?