Tuesday, April 17, 2007

Our Aims

-we hope to give a voice to people who use cannabis and feel it is there right to use cannabis, as it is relatively harmless to society when used responsibily and safer for the individual when regulated

-we aim to help educate cannabis users, to encourage them to use it only responsibily and be aware of the risks involved

-we aim to bring about change in the attitude toward cannabis and remove the bad stigma which has been attatched to it, by decades of lies and deceit

-we aim to create a cannabis community similiar to that in the UK which allows people to band together to face up to unjust laws and unscrupulous drug dealers

-we aim to work bit by bit, for as long as it takes to improve the overall situation for cannabis users and we believe we have already begun to succeed in this goal!

We do not expect this to be an easy or a short road, but we intend to stay with it to the end!!!!

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